Friday, August 15, 2008

EuroCALL 2008 - Practice Blog for the PCW

This is the practice blog for the EuroCALL 2008 PCW. If you feel that you need to hone your blogging skills before you post to the EuroCALL 2008 Virtual Strand Conference Blog, please use this blog to do so.

If you want to post messages to this blog, please send a message entitled EuroCALL PCW: Posting messages to:

eurocallvirtualstrand AT gmail DOT com

(AT and DOT have been used in the email address above so that it isn't picked up by spam bots. Please replace AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols if you send an emal).

You will receive an invitation to join the blog and should follow the instructions in the invitation email.

You can find a document explaining how to get started with blogging on the EuroCALL 2008 Virtual Strand website at:

The instructions given are also valid for this blog.

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